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About Us

If you love to take a break from routine to embrace nature, dive into the sea, gaze the sky or absorb the ancient magnificence, you are the epitome- Appooppanthaadi welcomes you to the world of exploration exclusively for women driven by wanderlust. 


Appooppanthaadi is originated from an idea to satisfy the wanderlust of women with strong desire to go beyond the usual routine to explore the unexplored in groups rather than solo trips which throw security issues pertaining in the current circumstances. After the first solo trip of Sajna Ali, Founder of Appooppanthaadi started getting so many requests from her female friends to take them with her in next trip. After a year she planned their first trip with her to Rosemala, a picturesque place near Thenmala, Kollam District. 

Behind this

It all started with a solo trip of Sajna Ali, brain behind the concept of Appooppanthaadi to Odisha which might be considered as one of the greatest risk that a first time lady traveller can take owing to the events taking place all over the place consequent to which queries began to pop-up from all those women fenced with their own liabilities, responsibilities and commitment for an opportunity to join for future trips. Appooppanthaadi, as its name suggests provides you with an opportunity to join a group of other ladies from various backgrounds, a break to mingle, understand and flow freely with the air enjoying the beauty of mother earth.    

What we do

Appooppanthaadi offers cost-effective travel packages to various destinations within  India and abroad, providing EMI options to cater to the needs of budget-conscious travelers. This enables individuals with tight financial constraints to explore diverse locations without undue financial strain.


Over the past seven years, we have organized over 660 trips to over 50 destinations across India, spanning from the Lakshadweep and Andaman Islands to international locations such as Maldives, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Bhutan, and Dubai. As the Appooppanthaadi community continues to expand, there is a rising interest in European trips, which we plan to incorporate into our itinerary in the upcoming years. Additionally, our team has successfully completed numerous Himalayan treks, including the Everest Base Camp trek in 2023.

Appooppanthaadi Buddy

From the second year of Appooppanthaadi’s establishment, we introduced the “Buddy” concept. Instead of having Sajna accompany the team on all trips, individuals who have previously joined and experienced Appooppanthaadi excursions now take on the role of coordinating trips to various destinations.
Beyond the usual list, we had three varied sport added into the list this year, scuba diving, tree jumaring and paragliding for the enthusiastic and adventurous ladies. Another highlight was a unique opportunity for night trekking at Munnar in association with sparkling sky gazing, midnight city view atop hills away from normal technology and busy life schedule to an atmosphere with no power, no Mobile range but full fledged serenity.