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Go from saying “Someday, I will travel..” to “I travel”, like it’s no big deal. Based on Appooppanthaadi’s belief in affordable travel, Prayana is a social initiative formed in memory of founder Sajna Ali’s father Ali Koya who kindled her love for travel as a child. The day trips that Sajna’s “uppa” took her on in his truck are some of her most treasured memories to this day. 

Prayana, meaning ‘effort’, makes your travel dreams come true. Appoopanthaadi doesn’t want a lack of funds keeping you from travelling. But, it requires ‘prayana’ on your part: whether it means being a rebel girl and ‘getting permission’ to travel or prioritising a trip by putting yourself first, every small step counts. Prayana goes beyond travel, towards making a braver version of yourself. 



Prepare a 3-minute video of a place you found interesting. This can be in your neighbourhood or elsewhere. Tell us all about it.    



Once selected, the candidate wins a fully-funded trip chosen by Appoopanthaadi which they have to document on video for us.



If this excites you, start exploring, zero in on a location and send us deets at info@appooppanthaadi.com.