+91 80783 88133 info@appooppanthaadi.com
+91 80783 88133 info@appooppanthaadi.com

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  • Two trips with Appoopanthaadi and both were amazing! Registered for the 3rd and the 4th one. Now you see, how excited I’m to travel with this group! Do you feel like you want to see the world and it’s not happening because you don’t have anyone to accompany you? Then you’re in the right place!! Met some amazing people during my journeys and thanks to Lissa Varghese for being an awesome buddy and Sajna Ali for making all this happen!

    appooppanthaadi Testimonial Radhu
    Radhu Radhakrishnan
  • Appoppanthadi gave me confidence at this age to travel with bunch of youngsters. Gokarana was my first trip with appoppanthadi. it was an awesome experience. they took care of us when we were walking through the slippery rocks, not only the buddy the whole group cared each other. dear wanna you are doing a fantastic job. thank you so much for this initiative.  

  • It feels so good to see lots of smiling faces on fulfilling there dreams. � for women travel is something they wish to do but mostly stay away from it because of lack of companions, safety concerns and other factors, and Appooppanthadi helps them fly towards their dreams and it is a wonderful thing. In my trips with Appooppanthadi I have met strangers who became great company afterwards. It is an awesome experience �

    Appooppanthaadi Testimonial Balendu
    Balendu S Kumar

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