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What our customers are saying about us

  • Ekta Sharma

    So, I have been to Leh Ladakh Trip with Appoopanthaadi. Sajina Ali, the founder and Torch Bearer of the Travel group is a strong lady who shares a passion for Travelling. 

  • Bahvya Balakrishnan

    Tawang was my first trip with Appoppanthadi team.. Enjoyed every bit of the journey. We felt extremely safe and was looked after with a lot of care & warmth. Though we didn’t know most of the team mates, it was just a matter of days that we got so close. 

  • Archana Ambali

    I just feel like I must say this- for all those who want to travel, or do whatever ur passion is, just do it. people might say there are more important things in your life you should focus on.. maybe.. but happiness is also important, as important or more. so just do it. ladies, get set and go. as they say, feel the bgm.

  • Radhu Radhakrishnan

    Two trips with Appoopanthaadi and both were amazing! Registered for the 3rd and the 4th one. Now you see, how excited I’m to travel with this group! Met some amazing people during my journeys and thanks to Lissa Varghese for being an awesome buddy and Sajna Ali for making all this happen!

  • Pushpakumari

    Appoppanthadi gave me confidence at this age to travel with bunch of youngsters. Gokarana was my first trip with appoppanthadi. it was an awesome experience. they took care of us when we were walking through the slippery rocks, not only the buddy the whole group cared each other. dear wanna you are doing a fantastic job.

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